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Q: Can I take my dog with me to Bengtskär?

A: Since hundreds of eiders are nesting on Bengtskär, dogs are not allowed on the island before July 1st. Later in the season dogs are allowed but must be on leash.  


Q: Where are the hotel rooms?

A: The third floor is the hotel floor where both hotel rooms and conference room are situated. 


Q: Where are the hotel guests' toilets?

A: Toilets are located in the hotel floor corridor. 


Q: Can I get around on Bengtskär with a wheelchair?

A: The island consists mostly of rocks and thus the terrain is not suitable for wheelchairs. From the jetty to the lighthouse however, there is a wide ramp along which you will get from the boat to the lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse there are spiral staircases, and moving with a wheelchair will require carrying assistance. In the middle of the summer, there is also an accessible café on the ground floor. 


Q: Can I give an overnight stay at Bengtskär as a gift?

A: Yes, you can order a gift voucher via e-mail: info@bengtskar.fi or phone: +358-40-218 2960. Please specify the recipient or the recipients names as well as your own address, and the gift card and bill will be delivered to you. 


Q: I have booked a meal at Bengtskär but I can't eat lactose or fish. Will you be able to serve me a meal I can eat? 

A: Yes, we can adjust the menu according to most common food allergies, but please remember to inform us about your allergy or intolerance in advance, when booking your trip! 

Q: What happens if I have booked a hotel room but the weather prevents landing on Bengtskär?

A: If weather prevents landing on the island, reservations will be cancelled without any costs for the customer. We will in this case call you and explain the situation as early as possible, but since weather conditions are hard to predict, this usually means the day before, or early in the morning at the same day as your departure was planned. 


Q: Can I fly a filming drone over Bengtskär?

A: No, because there is a helicopter landing pad on Bengtskär, and because there usually is a large number of people on the island in daytime during the summer. If you want to discuss exceptions to this rule, please contact us beforehand.


Rosala & Bengtskär sales office: www.rosala.net

Current office hours:

10.9 - 15.12.2017 Mon-Fri 9.00-14.00

8.1 - 13.4.2018 Mon-Fri 9.00-14.00


Post address:

Reimarsvägen 5

25950 Rosala, FINLAND

Phone +358-40-218 2960




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