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Bengtskär's position in Finland

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Map over south-west Finland

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Map over the archipelago route

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Map over the Bengtskär island


 59° 43,4' N   22° 30,1' E

Twenty-five kilometers southwest of Hanko, at the entrance of the Gulf of Finland stands Scandinavias tallest lighthouse. Towering 52 meters above the sea, the lighthouse of Bengtskär is the archipelago`s most imposing and magnificient monument. This massive stone structure has witnessed many dramatic events in Finland`s history. For nine decades the lighthouse has provided a safe passage to the thousands of vessels which plie the waters of the Gulf. The island is the most southern inhabited place in Finland. The nearest village, Rosala, is situated 18 kilometers north of Bengtskär.


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The shortest and safest sea route to Bengtskär goes through the world's most beautiful archipelago. The trip from Kasnäs to Bengtskär takes about an hour.

Travelling by car, the port of Kasnäs is about 200 km from Helsinki. You can drive either through Tammisaari or Salo, but make sure to turn towards Kemiö when you reach Perniö. From Turku, the distance is ca 100 km.


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An air-picture of Kasnäs harbour with explanations can be found here.


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Rosala & Bengtskär Booking Office

Reimarsvägen 5, 25950 Rosala, FINLAND

Phone +358-40-218 2960




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