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February 2003

vintera.jpg (13829 bytes)

Travelling towards Bengtskär in wintertime

vinterb.jpg (19311 bytes)

The pier at calm weather

storm.jpg (15455 bytes)

The same pier in a storm, mooring completely impossible


Before and after the summer season there is some traffic to Bengtskär as long as there is no ice. Using a helicopter is also possible. The lighthouse is heated all year and there is necessary service traffic also in wintertime. The passenger boat traffic ends in end-September.

Helicopter trafficmars03_8.jpg (26647 bytes)

At weather circumstances where a boat cannot sail to Bengtskär, one can land there with a helicopter. The trip takes only 25 minutes from Helsinki. 

At the moment we do not book any visitors from October to April.


Contact information:

Bengtskär Ltd

Reimarsvägen 5

25950 Rosala, FINLAND

Phone: +358-40-218 2960

Our booking office is open during the winter,

Mon-Fri 9 am - 2 pm.



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