Service for overnight guests

Hotel rooms

There are six rooms with a total of 24 beds. Five of the rooms are located on the third floor, and one is on the second floor next to the café. All of the rooms were previously part of the lighthouse keepers’ homes and have views of the sea. You will usually get your room at 14.00 on the day of arrival, and you must vacate it by 11.00 the next day.

After leaving your room, you can stay in the common areas until the boat leaves. The staff will give you your rooms on arrival.

For overnight guests there are two toilets in the lighthouse, one on the third floor and one on the second floor. To preserve rainwater, we request that overnight guests use the outdoor toilets during the day.

See room availability

Due to the corona pandemic, the lighthouse hotel is closed this year. It will therefore be possible to stay in Bengtskär next time in the season 2021. Read more about the restrictions caused by the corona.

Sauna and bathing water

For overnight guests, the sauna will be heated in an outbuilding that is just as old as the lighthouse. Each room can reserve one hour in the sauna from 16.00 to 22.00-23.00. Sauna turns will be decided when you get your room. The water in the sauna is rainwater because there is no well on the island. All the water that comes out of the tap is rainwater, and the drinking water is brought from Rosala.

Meeting rooms

On the third floor of the lighthouse there is a meeting room that can fit 20 people. The meeting room is available for overnight guests and groups from 14.00 on the day of arrival until about 11.00 on the day of departure.

Because Bengtskär is a visitor lighthouse and is open to the public, you cannot organize private events during the lighthouse’s opening hours. After 19.00 the lighthouse closes, and those who are staying overnight can enjoy their dinner in peace. Groups who have booked all of the rooms can hold private events.

Coffee and dining

We recommend that overnight guests choose the full package, which includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, and dinner.

The breakfast with porridge will be a great start to the day. For lunch you will be served Jansson’s temptation or salmon casserole and in the afternoon you can enjoy Bengtskär’s coffee with a sweet bun or jelly donut. In the evening, a delicious archipelago buffet is served. The archipelago table includes the lighthouse keeper’s steak, fried fish (perch, pike, or whitefish), mushroom sauce, cold smoked and hot smoked salmon, sour cream sauce, salad, potatoes, Rosala bread, coffee/tea, and dessert.

To drink, there’s water, but if you want you can buy a beer or a small bottle of wine to have with your dinner.

The kitchen at Bengtskär can accommodate most common food allergies if informed in advance. Low lactose products are used in all of the cooking.

Price list

Full package for individuals 30 May - 29 August (price on Midsummer, Saturdays and July in parentheses):

  • One person 250.00 euros (280.00)
  • Two people 448.00 euros (480.00)
  • Three people 636.00 euros (660.00)
  • Four people 800.00 euros (832.00)
  • Five people 1000.00 euros (1040.00)

The full package (30.5-30.8.) includes transport on the tour boat from Kasnäs, entrance fee, guiding and lunch at the Rosala Viking Centre, entrance fee, guiding, an overnight room for one night, evening sauna, dinner, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee on Bengtskär.

Departure from Kasnäs at 10.30 and from Bengtskär at 15.40.

Full package for individuals on weekends in May and September (price on Saturdays in parentheses):

  • One person 274.00 euros (304.00)
  • Two people 496.00 euros (528.00)
  • Three people 708.00 euros (732.00)
  • Four people 896.00 euros (928.00)
  • Five people 1120.00 euros (1160.00)

The full package on weekends in May and September includes transport on the tour boat from Kasnäs, entrance fee, guiding, an overnight room for one night, evening sauna, dinner, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee on Bengtskär.

Departure from Kasnäs at 11.00 and from Bengtskär in May at 15.30, in September at 15.15.

Children 4-14 years old are half price and children 0-3 years old are free. Contact us and we will gladly calculate the price for your family!

Prices for groups and meeting groups (not applicable to weddings and other special events):

  • Entrance fee 9.00 euros / person
  • Transport on the tour boat from Kasnäs, including entrance fee:
    • June-August 68.00 euros / person
    • May and September 81.00 euros / person

The price for transport by charter boat is by arrangement.

Overnight stays booking all of the lighthouse’s rooms, including evening sauna and breakfast (price on Midsummer, Saturdays and July in parentheses):

  • 8-9 people 130.00 euros / person (160.00)
  • 10-14 people 108.00 euros / person (125.00)
  • 15-19 people 97.00 euros / person (106.00)
  • 20 or more people 86.00 euros / person (95.00)

Coffee and dining for at least 8 people:

  • Coffee/tea and pastries 6.00 euros / person
  • Coffee/tea and bread with cheese and vegetables 9.00 euros / person
  • Lunch 17.50 euros / person
  • Dinner (archipelago buffet) 37.00 euros / person

Meeting spaces with coffee and pastries, for 8-20 people, 33.00 euros / person

Weddings and other special events as well as school groups are priced by arrangement. Please contact us, we will gladly give your group an offer!

Accommodation inquiries and reservations by email or phone +358 40 218 2960.